Behind the nick adelheid lurks Heidi Lindroos, a Finnish designer who’s nowadays stumbling mainly around the marvelous knitting world.

adelheid is also my design brand. I have a degree in crafts and design, with emphasis on fashion design and dressmaking. And I do seem to think about designing, creating and especially knitting in a bit of a different way; apparently in kind of a dressmaking way.

I’m obsessed with the challenge of creating top down and seamless designs. My thing is garments; cardigans, sweaters, jackets, dresses, pullovers, tops etc. Not so much accessories… even if I do have ideas for those as well from time to time. – I love three dimensionality! In the knitted surface and in the structure. And this is why my designs, even if looking pretty simple and effortless, are often quite heavy to work with.

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