23. syyskuuta 2015

#Finnderful = Finnish + wonderful

#Finnderful talkoista, osallistumisesta ja sanan levittämisestä löydät lisää tietoa täältä. Muistathan osallistuessasi kirjoittaa myös jollain muulla kielellä kuin suomeksi niin, että sana oikeasti kiirii myös Suomen rajojen ulkopuolelle :)

Finland is a pretty damn competent nation with highly skilled and talented people. Unfortunately the world outside our borders doesn’t know about it enough… yet… So I’m doing my bit by promoting some of my favorite Finnish designs, products and producers who I know have their whole production process done within our country and therefore are absolutely 100% Finnish.

In the order I have got familiar with these design brands:

1 Succaplokki

My collection of Succaplokki knitting accessories, well almost all of it… some things are in use or lurking somewhere in my apartment. This is a brand that every serious knitter should already know about! And if for some reason don’t know it yet, go here and get mesmerized!

My absolute favorites that I use all the time are Silmuccaruutu – Gauge Checker, Wippi –WPI-tool and Renculat stitch markers that were collaboration with Aleksi, man behind the brand, and especially designed for my pattern writing purposes, but they are also great to have when working with my patterns. – I have actually bought more of Succaplokki accessories than I own since they are just the best gifts for knitting friends!

2 Nouseva Myrsky

In picture also my Akustiina pattern
5 €

One of my absolutely favourite and most used jewelry is Musta puu necklace that is made of recycled bicycle inner tube by Nouseva Myrsky. The necklace isn’t any more in production, but Liisa Tuimala, woman behind the brand, has since designed and released a new similar necklace as her signature jewelry.

You don’t want to miss this shop full of wonderful designs made in recycled materials. – Oh and by the way, my Hulda Jacket is in the newest promo pictures ;)

3 Arctips wool felt Lappish boots – Töysä shoe factory

Arctips are a mix of tradition and modern thinking. The design is based on the traditional Lappish boots but they are made in thick felted wool. They are not just very hip and stylish but also unbelievably comfortable. And sooo warm! The only footwear I can think of that will keep my toes warm during our coldest wintertime when it can be below -25 C degrees (-13 F) outside. I’ve worn my Arctips in about -20 C (-4 F) but also when it’s only 0 C (32 F) and slush outside… and the boots have kept my feet warm and dry!

Get your own pair of these magnificent boots here!

4 Tukuwool Fingering from Tukuwool

Love at first touch! And even deeper love when working with the yarn for my Ruusa Cardigan pattern:

6 €

Tukuwool is a Finnish company producing Finnish yarn from 100% Finnish wool that is spun and dyed in Finland. Check out Tukuwool online shop here!

5 Tomppa the Gay Matryoshka from Susannan Työhuone

I have a hand printed cleaning cloth with Tomppa the Gay Matryoshka that is made by Finnish Susannan Työhuone. I’m a bit ashamed to admit that I haven’t used my cloth yet… it is so stylish just hanging beside my kitchen sink and I can’t bear the thought of making it dirty! I might have to get me another one from here, so I can use one for cleaning and just admire the other one :)

You can find more Tomppa products over here and don’t forget to follow him on Instagram and Facebook!

Worth mentionin are also some fantastic indie dyers: Knitlob's Lair, Handu, Hopeasäie and InayaCreations whose yarns I’ve knitted with a great satisfaction and am more than happy to recommend.

To find some more fantastic Finnish design around the social media searh for tag  #Finnderful - And yes, my patterns are also 100% Finnish ;D

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