27. syyskuuta 2015

Styling Ruusa Cardigan

Even if Ruusa Cardigan has a folkloric feel and could be associated with traditional folk costumes it can be styled and worn with modern (maybe even fashionable ;D) clothes and accessories:

My brown version is at its best with the only two dresses with yellow in my closet.

And the grey one… apparently it can be matched with anything:

So far my absolute favorite though is pairing it with jeans. Plain and simple, yet stylish :)

You can buy your own Ruusa Cardigan pattern for 6 € by simply clicking this button -> 

3 kommenttia:

  1. KAuniit neuleet. Itselläni on yksi neulepaita kesken niin, että hiha puuttuu...Eikä meinaa millään valmistua...

  2. Hyvin käy tyyliin jos toiseenkin!